What is the definition of blunder you may ask… According to Merriam-Webster¬†: to make a stupid or careless mistake. Why in the world am I writing a post about this? Well you see, I have been working on getting things saved for the possible future of this blog. A Pinterest page, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account all with the name Bow Ties and Heels. So the other night I decided to post the very first picture on the Instagram page!! Very exciting!



So again you are probably wondering why I’m talking about blunders. I’ll let you in on a little secret- I have had no intentions of making this blog or any of the social media pages known to anyone until I’m a little further along. More posts. More pictures. More ideas. More time. More of many things. I wanted to have a logo designed. The blog set up more how I want it. To be further along in thoughts of how the blog will run. But my blunder was automatically hitting “share” with that Instagram photo not even thinking that it would share to my very own personal Facebook page! I very quickly realized what I had done and deleted the photo! Phew, safe!!!!

Nope. Not safe at all. Sort of. The next morning I woke up to many notifications on my phone saying Bow Ties and Heels had new followers on Instagram! Yikes! How did that happen! How did they find me! I was baffled all day. I finally texted one of my friends who does know about the blog and asked her how she discovered the instagram account. She said there was a notification that said “Your friend joined Instagram!” Oops. My blunder. The Bow Ties and Heels account was linked with my personal Facebook page. Here I thought maybe somehow people were still seeing the picture I had “shared” and thought I deleted. Oh no! Worse then that, they were all notified of the page. Double oops!

So there is my story. How I gave myself and my blog away. At first I was upset with myself. Freaking out because nothing is ready! But then thought about it from a different stand point. People have seen a glimpse into this project of mine. I now have great motivation to get going on this. To jump in and try things out. They won’t be perfect and it may take me a little while to get things flowing nicely and how I would like them. But hey, we have to make mistakes sometimes to be better. So again, welcome to my blog! I’m glad you are here and hope you will stop by again!!



I would like to welcome you to Bow Ties and Heels!!

A blog about Weddings and Wedding Planning.

Wedding season is upon us! My favorite time of year for many reasons. Spring has come and we finally get sweet relief from winter! And this year it was a long one. But I also get so excited for wedding season!! Seeing brides finalize preparations, seeing the weather cooperate on weekends, driving by a wedding party all dressed up and having so much fun. Those things make me so happy!

So this wedding season, what is your part? Bride? Bridesmaid? Mother of the bride? Guest? What is your favorite part of a wedding? What do you most look forward to when you get an invite to your best friend’s wedding? Is it the expectation for the day? Seeing the beautiful bride walk down the aisle? A man and woman becoming husband and wife? Watching the flower girl and ring bearer in all their adorableness as they walk up the aisle? The reception? Getting all dressed up?

I love every part! I don’t remember when I developed my love for weddings. I have had the pleasure of helping my sister plan her wedding as well as a friend and a cousin. After helping with three different weddings I still love and can’t wait to help plan another one. Some day, I aspire to be a wedding planner. Which is where this blog comes in. While I work towards my dream of becoming a wedding planner, I am going to blog about it. Both things I’m learning and thoughts and ideas for weddings. Thank you for reading this first post! I can’t wait to write more and get to know all the readers!